We are specialists Obtaining Information


Research conducted exclusively by private detectives duly accredited by the Ministry of Interior.

Obtain and will bring the proof you need.

Research provide services throughout Spain , especially in the province of Tarragona , Salou , Cambrils, Vilaseca , Reus, Altafulla , Torredembarra



HURTADO DETECTIVES is a Private Investigation Agency , legally authorized by the Ministry of Interior Private Detective License number 2963 .


In front of it is the Director, with extensive experience of over 17 years in research .


Private Detective ( Ministry of Interior)

Director of Security (Ministry of Interior)

Obtaining Information Specialist ( Ministry of Interior)

Curs Avançat in Investigació ( Col.legi Official Detectius privats de Catalunya )


HURTADO DETECTIVES is a member of the Official Col.legi of Detectius privats de Catalunya ( Associate number 545 )


DETECTIVES HURTADO has the support of prestigious experts Lawyers in all branches of law , Economists and Computer Forensics Investigator .



DETECTIVES HURTADO obtains and provides information and evidence of conduct or private events, which affect both the economic , labor, commercial , financial sector and in general , personal , family or social life.
We provide services throughout Spain , especially in the province of Tarragona, Salou. Cambrils , Reus, Vilaseca, Altafulla , Torredembarra.
All this in order to provide information and evidence to individuals, companies and lawyers for both strategic decision-making or management , as for the decision and preparation of legal proceedings.
DETECTIVES HURTADO applies to its method of work the Intelligence Cycle .
HURTADO DETECTIVES offers its services nationwide , using the latest technology and sophisticated research techniques .



Private Investigation Agency as provide services to individuals, businesses , franchises , financial institutions, mutual and insurance companies, public authorities, other legal entities and law firms, both domestic and foreign



  • Work.
  • Experience.
  • Discretion .
  • Confidentiality.
  • Reservation.
  • Objectivity.
  • Congruence
  • Honesty.
  • Independence.
  • Tenacity.
  • Veracity.
  • Legality.
  • Efficiency.
  • Professionalism .
  • Technology.
  • Personalization.

HURTADO DETECTIVES performs all its investigations complying with the principles of reasonableness, necessity, appropriateness and proportionality and scrupulously respecting the right to honor, the right to personal and family privacy and the right to self-image .


  1. The customer makes his case to HURTADO DETECTIVES
  2. HURTADO DETECTIVES made a study and proposes an action plan, presenting a budget case, submitting to approval by the client (all free of charge). 
  3. Once accepted, the detectives are designated suitable, depending on the subject under investigation.
  4. Junto with the client, meetings are organized to plan legal action or other, complementary investigations are conducted and offered our experience in advising our clients.
  5. Finalizada the investigation, a written report accompanying the documentary, sound, photographic and videographic evidence to corroborate what it states is constructed.
  6. In the event that our customers submit our report in court as witness evidence, HURTADO DETECTIVES is the same person in order to uphold and defend its content, answering the questions that are asked.


All reports prepared , provided and ratified by HURTADO DETECTIVES are completely objective , in the same we transmit in an impartial manner all information obtained in our research , not making judgments of value , we are taking the test value to specific facts.
Basically our reports consist of :

  • Drafting of the report, which we described in a chronological manner all the facts, circumstances or actions that we observe during the course of our investigation.
  • attach the same documentary , sound , photographic or videographic evidence obtained .
  • Visa Officer Col.legi of Detectius



The price of our services is adjusted to that proposed by the Official Col.legi of Detectius privats de Catalunya minimum.


To calculate our budget we rely on :

  • The hours of dedication.
  • The time period (day , night, weekend) .
  • Number of participants detectives.
  • Estimation of potential costs (fees of official records , travel, accommodation , allowances , etc. ) .
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