We are specialists Obtaining Information



Research conducted exclusively by private detectives duly accredited by the Ministry of Interior.

Obtain and will bring the proof you need.

Research provide services throughout Spain , especially in the province of Tarragona , Salou , Cambrils, Vilaseca , Reus, Altafulla , Torredembarra

Infidelity Investigations in Spain

Research led by Hurtado Detectives Private Investigators check possible out of wedlock relationships, obtain the necessary evidence to demonstrate , if necessary , the possible unfaithfulness carried out by one of the partners If your partner lives in Spain and regularly travels to Spain , accompanied by friends or business trip, you can through our private investigators know all your movements in Spain : places you visit , schedules, who are their companions that hotel or staying home and with whom. Hurtado Detectives - Private Investigators verified professionally, videographic whether or infidelity there is no such evidence.

Behavior of children in Spain

Research to see the strange behavior of the children , the reasons for his change of attitude, friends , nights out , addictions , habits, social environment , new relationships , sects, urban tribes , etc.

If your children come to Spain on holiday for example Salou , Costa Dorada or studies Tarragona , Barcelona, ​​Hurtado Detectives Private Investigators will conduct research aimed at checking their attitude , friends , nights out , addictions , habits, social environment , new relationships.


People Search in Spain

We locate both individuals and legal entities . There are a large number of foreign people hiding in Spain , usually in tourist areas such as Salou , Cambrils, Montroig , Miami Beach , Vilaseca, Altafulla , Tarragona , Reus, Torredembarra , where they can go unnoticed among foreign tourists . Usually they hide in Spain for reasons of fraud, outstanding debts, or to escape justice in their country. If the person you are looking for is in Spain Hurtado Detectives Private Investigators found her, providing evidence of your current domicile in Spain .

Commercial research companies in Spain

If their partners, suppliers or customers are in Spain we can offer a complete report of the same, with all the information necessary for you to make the right decision. The "business reports" that facilitate the companies providing business information, do not reflect the actual situation of enterprises, the data provided are not updated, but reflect the situation of the same months ago. There is basic information that is essential to know at the time of application of the report, to make a correct decision, but these reports not collected until months or years later. HURTADO DETECTIVES Private Investigators brings real Investigated Business Report and updated date of the application, where public company data are compared, we investigated history, change of registered office, bindings administrators or parents, properties, decrease or increase in delegations or branches, decrease or increase in personnel, defaults, suppliers, customers, etc.), we provide videographic report of the company, thereby facilitating all the information necessary for making an informed and correct decision.

Research Services for Lawyers in Spain

All branches :

  • Providing evidence
  • Location of defendants
  • Location and evaluation of witnesses
  • Locating documents


Civil Branch :

  • Providing evidence to evictions
  • Research on unfair competition
  • Inheritances
  • Location of debtors
  • The solvency of debtors and properties


Branch Family:

  • Conducts child
  • Location of inheritances
  • Modification of measures
  • Observation and monitoring services to people


Rama Mercantile :

  • Research on unfair competition
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Location of assets
  • Business Succession


Criminal Branch :

  • Economic Crimes
  • Professional intrusion


Branch of the Social:

  • Research on low feigned

Other services of private investigators in Spain

Child custody

Compulsive gambling and addictions

Premarital reports

Urban leases

Insolvencies feigned


Workers compensation


Red commercially representatives

Pre- labor reports

Duplicity of employment

Breach of duty not to attend


Exclusive contracts


Legal support for lawyers

Digital research


Follow people

Plainclothes surveillance

Quality control

Research mock casualties

General patient monitoring

We investigate all kinds of fraud

Exaggeration of damage

Location of taxpayers

Obtaining and providing information

Information prior to hiring

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